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October 11, 2007



More than technical proficientcies we all have an innate sense of design - how we put things down - this is our visual voice and it needs to be discovered in each of us and used with our technical proficientcies. We need to bring to light our unconcious, preconceived ideas of how something should look and find our own intuitive visual way. Art is a form of mysticism. Even if schools were to embrace this idea how many teachers are actually enlightened enough to teach this? I went to art school. I had one (thank God!)


I completely agree with the concept, but I would add that us, as parents, need to step up as well. I see the school as a partner in my daughter's education. Their component of it, by design, is performing and producing for external validation. My contribution is teaching her to undertake these activities, art, music, journaling, observing and interpreting, for internal validation.
Thanks fot the great interview.

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